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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New Surgery Date

Hey guys.  I sure hope everyone has been doing ok.  How was everyone's Thanksgiving?  Mine was good.  We go to my sister in law's house every year, so I had no mess to clean up. :)  I had planned on making homemade yeast rolls but that didn't happen.  So, I stopped at the store and picked up some King's Hawaiian Rolls.  For those of you who have never had those...OMGoodness...they are so delicious.  Addictive.  Fantastic.  Yummy..yeah I could go on and on, but I won't.  We had all the usual fare for dinner.  My SIL makes the best stuffing ever.  She found a recipe that allows you to cook the stuffing in the crock pot.  It's fantastic.   For dessert, my MIL made pumpkin pies, pumpkin squares which are like pumpkin rolls without all the hassle.  Someone had given my SIL a recipe for a fruit cobbler with only 4 ingredients.  It was wonderful and so easy.  All you need is butter, brown sugar, a yellow cake mix and canned fruit of your choice.  That's it.  1 hour at 350 degrees and you've got an amazing cobbler.  Top it with some vanilla ice cream and your in heaven.

So, today is my birthday and I woke up to about an inch of snow on the ground.  I didn't ask for snow for my birthday. I'm not going to complain though.  Some of the surrounding areas got as much as 7 inches.  I'll take my one and be happy.  So, I turned 40 today.  I was hoping to have a big party, but my fall put the nix on that.  I wanted a real birthday party, but, I am thankful that I'm alive and can walk so I'll take it.  I got lots of cards in the mail and my MIL made me a special dinner...spagetti with meatballs, garlic bread with cheese and bake pineapple.  I didn't want cake this year.  My MIL gave me the most beautiful card and it made me cry.  It was so beautiful.  It basically said that she views me as a daughter and not a daughter in law.  It was absolutely beautiful.  Yep, I'm a sap.

On to the latest update on my surgery.  As you know, my original date was postponed because my sugar was too high.  That was my fault because I got so frustrated with the whole diabetes thing and wasn't taking my insulin like I should have.  I ended up having to go back to the endocrinologist who changed my insulin a little and this past Friday, gave me the ok to have the surgery.  I called the surgeon's office on Friday afternoon, like I was supposed to, only to find out that the scheduling department left early.  So, I left a message and they called me on Monday.  The scheduler told me that as far as she could tell that there were no openings until after Christmas.  Well, let me tell ya, I was not a happy camper.  I asked her if my neck was as serious as they led me to believe.  Was the situation really as dire as the doctor's said.  If they were willing to wait that long, did I really have to wear this brace and be so very careful?  She told me that she would speak to Dr. Campos about my concerns and as soon as she heard back from  him, she would call me.  Well, I didn't hear anything yesterday, so today I called back around noon.  The nurse said that Dr. Campos was in surgery today and she only had a few seconds to see him this morning, and that she was waiting for him to reply.  I figured I wouldn't hear anything until at least tomorrow.  At 5 pm, Amy called and said that Dr. Campos had come back to the office after surgery to look at my file.  He said that yes, my neck was as dire as he said and that I couldn't wait until after Christmas to have this surgery.  He looked at his schedule and rearranged some things and scheduled me for next Friday, Dec. 7th.  I have to be at the hospital at 6am.  I am so not a morning person, but on the bright side, I will get a 4-5 hour nap..hehe  My momma is going to be here on the 4th and will be staying for a few weeks to help me out.  I already have the plan in place for my daughter and it looks like I will finally be able to get this neck taken care of.  I am not worried at all.  I know that God has me in the palm of His hand and He will be with me in the OR guiding the doctor's hands.  I'm just glad that I am finally getting it done.  

Please continue to pray for me.  I very much appreciate all of them.  I will keep you guys updated as things move along.  Thank you so much for following along with my on my journey.  God bless ya'll.

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  1. Emily I continue to pray for you and know that God has a plan for your life, that it is an abundant life -- He will cradle you as you have your surgery. Love your creations! God bless! Jan


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