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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cheap Tip #2--Making Your Own Glimmermist

Hey friends.  Thanks for coming back.  I have another cheap tip for y'all.  I know that there are alot of You Tube videos out there on how to make your own Glimmer Mist.  I met a lady in the Dollar Tree last week and we were talking in the scrapbook isle and she was telling me that she makes her own and proceeded to tell me how she did it.  I thought, hey, this sounds easy enough so I tried it.  I LOVE it!!

Here's what you will need:

A mister bottle of some sort.  I found these for $1.99 each at AC Moore.  They are actual Ranger bottles with a fine mist.  I think they are 4 oz bottles.  I bought two, but the one won't spray so I have to take it back.

 Loose Powder Eyeshadow.  I bought these at the Dollar Tree for $1 each.  After making a bottle of each color, I still have enough shadow for at least two more refills each.
 Rubbing Alcohol.  If you want more information about the alcohol, see my post  on making your own alcohol inks and there is some additional info.

So, are y'all ready for some of the simplest instructions ever?

Step 1:  Pour the alcohol into your mister bottle leaving about 4 cm at the top.

Step 2:  Open the shadow and dump some in.  How much you put in will determine how much bling it sprays.  I didn't measure mine, I just dumped it in.

Step 3:  Shake well.  Every time you go to use it you will have to shake the bottle very well.  The shadow separates from the alcohol and settles on the bottom so make sure you shake well.

Here's what they each look like sprayed on black card stock:  The first one is the Snow color.  This one is just kind of irridescent.  Not a whole lot of color, but tons of sparkle.

 This one is the Sunglow.  It's more of a gold color and is very sparkly.

Now, if you decide you want the actual colored spray, just take a few drops of alcohol inks, food coloring or even hair dye and mix it into the bottle.  I didn't want any color, just the sparkle.  The homemade alcohol inks will work also.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you enjoyed learning something new.  God bless y'all.

Here's the break down:

Alcohol--$0  already had it

You end up with 8 oz of spray so that's  $3.00 per bottle verses $7 per bottle of the name brand.  Plus, it won't cost you anything to make refills because you will have all the products at home.


  1. This is amazing! I always wondered how to do this -- I kept thinking 'water' but it is alcohol we use huh? I wanted to make that silver sparkle like you did for my flowers. I can't wait to try the color ones too -- again I thought water, instead of alcohol. Thanks for this wonderful tip! God bless! Jan

  2. It is me again ... I did this and wow! I love the way it looks! Like a dummie though I got the gold eye shadow, and I wanted the silver one -- so next time I am out I am going to pick up some silver or white. Thanks so much! Hope you are okay tonight - am praying for you. Jan

  3. Emily so glad you liked the homemade glimmermist. Nice to have met you :) Hope your feeling better soon.

  4. I love this idea! Those alcohol inks are expensive!!! thanks much for the info. Have a great weekend sueh


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