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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mom's Visit

Now that I have logged all my card for the 100 in 100 Challenge, I can post about my wonderful visit with my mother.  My mom, Joan, lives in Virginia, which is where I grew up.  Every year she comes to stay with me for 2 to 3 weeks.  I love the time she spends here with me and my family.  I so wish I could get her to move up here with us, but I understand her wanting her independence.  

So my inlaws went down to VA to pick up my best friend's son to come stay with them for a while and swung by and picked up my mom.  She used to ride the bus up, but with two broken hips and COPD, it's gotten too hard for her to do that.  She and my husband, who went with his parents, arrived here about 5:30 am on July 15th.  I was so excited to see her.  We stayed up yapping for a couple of hours then we hit the sack for some much needed sleep.  (I had stayed up until they came in)

We didn't really do a whole lot, but just getting to spend the time together was a blessing.  My mom and I didn't always get along.  Part of it was because we are so much alike.  Part of it came from the childhood I had. (Lots of drama)  But now, we are thick a thieves and love spending the time together.  We sit and play Boggle, Scrabble, and Yatzee.  I don't have anyone to play games with because my husband isn't a game player and my daughter is still to young for the word games.  Now that mom is back home, my Boggle and Scrabble games won't see the light of day for another year. :)

I did take her to the new Chinese Buffet that just opened here in Pittston.  It was good and she enjoyed it.  We went to church and helped out with the VBS.  She really enjoyed that.  I always handle the snack part of VBS so she helped me out.

We had a bad storm here a week before she left and we lost our power and phone.  Boy was it hot!  No A/C drove me nuts.  I just can't handle the heat.  And my mom, who usually freezes all the time when she's here, even said she was hot.  Thank God the power came back on about 30 hours later.  We still don't have a phone and we are going on 2 weeks.  The storm blew out the transformer and we are still waiting for it to be replaced.

My cousin Mike, who lives down in Gettysburg, came up to visit us and have dinner.  I made a pot of chili, jalapeno cornbread and brownies.  It was so good to see him.  My mom was surprised because I didn't tell her he was coming.

On Friday the 3rd, I had to take her home.  I rented a car, a 2012 Chevy Malibu, and let me tell you, if I ever decide to go back to driving a car, it will be one of those.  It was such a great car.  Smooth driving, comfortable riding, and great on gas.  We got to VA about 12:30 Friday night/ Saturday morning.  We were oh so tired.

The next morning we went to Hardee's for breakfast.  We do not have them here in PA and they have the best biscuits ever!  They make their biscuits fresh from scratch every morning and the sausage gravy is fantastic.  If you have never been to Hardee's and you have one where you live..GO!!  It will be so worth it. When we left Hardee's we went by my brother, Jerry's, house so I could meet his new girlfriend.  He was working, but surprised us with a quick visit.  His boss let him take a break so he could run by the house and see me for a few.  It was nice to see him.

Saturday afternoon we went to my great aunt's 89th birthday party.  It was great to see cousins and other family that I have't seen in years.  And having a truly southern meal was a treat too!!  Those southern women can whip up a meal like nothing and they love doing it.  We went to church with my mom.  I love her church. It's the The ROC and Pastor G rocks.  He has a powerful testimony.  I really like going when I am down and Kierstynne loves the children's church too.

Sunday morning my Uncle Len came over for a quick visit.  We call him Uncle Frog, which is a nicknamed stemming from his childhood.  He's my mom's brother and they are very close.  That is probably the main reason she won't move here with me.  She does't want to leave him alone.  I totally understand.  We left my mom's and rode to Powhatan to visit with my 89 year old grandma, who raised me, and my dad.  We had a really nice visit.   Dad bought KFC for dinner and it was fantastic.  I don't get to go out to eat alot because our family is a one income family and it doesn't always leave alot of money for that.  So it was nice to get treated out.

We left there about 7:30pm to head home.  My cousin, Mike, gave me directions to come home a different way.  I stayed at his house that night and the way he brought m home saved me 100 miles and almost 2 hours.  I do believe I will be traveling his way instead of the normal way I have taken for 13 years.

So, that is a quick synopsis of my vacation with my mom.  I thank God that we had a great time and safe travels.


  1. So happy to read your post! Sounds like you had a wonderful visit, and by taking your mom home, got to visit with many more family members! Thanks for sharing your story with us. You have been SO busy! I've looked at all of your projects today, and OMG, they are all wonderful! Hugs...

  2. Aww, Hun I am so tickled you had a good time! {{{{hugz}}}

    Funny that you mentioned Hardee's. I worked at the Hardee's in Ripplemead, Virginia for a while.

    I am so glad that your relationship with your mother turned around. my mother and father disowned me when I moved to Washington to marry my loving husband. We have not spoken in 8 years. My daughter also hates me and will not have anything to do with me. I was forced to give up my son when he was just 2 1/2 yrs. old. I have not been able to have children since...truly sad ...but I think that God knew in the long run that I would not be able to physically care for a child because of my health issues. It's amazing that God saw the whole picture while I only saw the painful-not-wanting-to-give-up-my-children part (Long tragic story).
    I do pray for my family every day and I think of them often. My family was a very dysfunctional family sad to say.
    But God has blessed me with a wonderful family through my hubby. Now I have the healthcare I need and I have support for the first time in my entire life. It is such a wonderful feeling! To finally be loved for who I am.


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