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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Some thoughts

Well, it's been a while since I last blogged.  Time flies when you are having fun.  We have been pretty busy lately.  Lots of stuff happening.

Since my last post, my car broke down, Kierstynne lost another tooth, we got to go to the Third Day/Tenth Avenue North concert for free, went to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate two birthdays and I have been taking a School of the Holy Spirit class at church.  I have reconnected with two friends from my past and have a had a couple of chances to witness.  So all in all, it's been a pretty good past few weeks.

My cousin came up and fixed the car for the price of dinner and a can of Stopleak.  What a blessing.  Family is such a good thing.  Sometimes we get frustrated with our family, but 99% of the time, they are great.

Kierstynne is so excited to have lost another tooth.  It's one of the top front ones so now she looks like a snagglepuss.  She is so cute, but looks so funny.  The tooth fairy forgot to come visit her last night so I had to send her an email this morning.  I can't believe she forgot...what a bad tooth fairy.

A friend of ours hooked us up with a volunteer position for the Third Day concert on Sunday night.  We had to sell merchandise, but were well compensated.  It turned out that there were too many volunteers, so Tim and I , being the last ones on the list, got to so in and watch the entire concert for FREE!! Plus Tim got a t-shirt and I got the 3 pack of CDs.  The new Third Day cd, the new Tenth Avenue North cd and a cd from a guy named Trevor Morgan.  He is new on the scene, but he is very good.  His song, "Jesus Rides the Subway" is an awesome song.

Saturday, the 5th, we went to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate two birthdays.  One turned two, the other turned 28.  Father and Daughter, born on the same day.  How cool is that.  We had a blast.  Kierstynne ended up with over 1200 tickets from playing games.  Of course, her dad and I helped, but she had so much fun playing those games.  I love that place.  Where else can your kid go, have lunch and play games while you sit and talk without having to worry about her being kidnapped.  It's great.

Two of my friends from my past looked me up on Facebook.  One I went to school with and the other I met through some other friends.  Michelle, my hs friend, was in a really bad accident in June.  She broke her pelvis in a few different spots, had severe lacerations and the dash crushed her leg.  She was in a wheelchair and hospital bed all summer.  She is very blessed to be alive.  She is walking again, but it's slow going.  She started with a walker, moved to a cane, and now can walk on her own, but she has to take it easy.  She has to use the motorized wheel chairs in places like Wal-mart, because her legs and hips give out on her.  All because someone else wasn't paying attention.  We tend to forget that we aren't the only ones in the universe and that we have to be aware of others.  If the other person had been paying attention, the accident could have been avoided.  So many times we have "accidents" because we are too focused on ourselves and our plans instead of paying attention to the world around us.  Stop and take a look around.  It's amazing what you might find.

My friend, Brandi, has Hogekins Lymphoma.  She has been through chemo and radiation.  She lost all her hair, and was sick as a dog.  This is the second battle with cancer in her short life.  She's younger than I am.  Brandi and I were inseperable for a long time.  The last time I saw her was 14 years ago at Jimmy's funeral.  I have missed her beautiful smiling face.  She was telling me that she is so thankful to have the life she has.  She doesn't have everything she wants, but she has everything she needs.  We all should be that way.  God doesn't guarantee us everything we want, because there is alot of stuff out there to want, but He does guarantee us He will provide for all our needs.  What do we really need? 

Pastor Rugg began the School of the Holy Spirit 4 weeks ago.  It has been very interesting.  I am so enjoying learning in his class.  He is a great teacher.  One of our assignments has been to witness to atleast one person every two weeks.  I thought this was going to be next to impossible because I really don't go anywhere to witness.  But, God has put people in my path for that very reason.  It is amazing what God can do when we let Him.

Tim has been smacked up side the head by God these past few weeks.  Two different times he has heard the same message, "Give God your dreams, desires, wants and see what He can do."  I don't know what Tim's dreams and desires are, but I think he is getting the picture.  God can do amazing things with the little we give Him.  He gave the oyster the ability to make a beautiful pearl from one grain of sand.  One chunk of compressed coal turns into one of the most valuable gems in the world, the diamond.  He spoke this entire universe into being with ONE word.  He sent His one and only Son to make a way for all human life to spend eternity with Him.  God can do alot with a little.  Why not let Him?

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